Commercial Activity

Aes offers an integrated package and offer all techinical and  finacial support in the search for Aircraft and Engine.

Our integrated services :

  • Purchasing of new Aircraft and Engines
  • Trading of used Aircraft and Engines
  • Short and long leasing of Aircraft and Engines
  • Management of assets at the end of life
  • Sale and lease back transaction


We give you our highly specialized  support  for :


The Techical Support during the commercial evaluation of the General Term Agreements for new leased Aircraft or during the scheduling of the heavy maintenance, is related to :

  • Techinical Analysis of the Life Limiter Parts and economical evaluation;
  • Techinal Analysis od delivery and re-delivery conditions;
  • Economical compensation;
  • Buy and sell;
  • Structural Items “open” or to be accomplished;
  • Analysis of the work scope and man hours inluded in the GTA for heavy maintenance.


  • Invoice Analysis and verification of compliance with the GTA requirements;
  • Check and verifiction of the Man Hours evaluation
  • Cost check of the materials used.