Commercial Activity

Aes offers an integrated package and offer all techinical and  finacial support in the search for Aircraft and Engine.

Our integrated services :

  • Purchasing of new Aircraft and Engines
  • Trading of used Aircraft and Engines
  • Short and long leasing of Aircraft and Engines
  • Management of assets at the end of life
  • Sale and lease back transaction


We give you our highly specialized  support  for :

  • Invoice Analysis
  • Technical Support on General Term Agreement


The Techical Support during the commercial evaluation of the General Term Agreements for new leased Aircraft or during the scheduling of the heavy maintenance, is related to :

  • Techinical Analysis of the Life Limiter Parts and economical evaluation;
  • Techinal Analysis od delivery and re-delivery conditions;
  • Economical compensation;
  • Buy and sell;
  • Structural Items “open” or to be accomplished;
  • Analysis of the work scope and man hours inluded in the GTA for heavy maintenance.


  • Invoice Analysis and verification of compliance with the GTA requirements;
  • Check and verifiction of the Man Hours evaluation
  • Cost check of the materials used.